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Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning Units for Your Home

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People often ask us why we only install Carrier brand heating and air conditioning units. Good question!

It’s easy enough for us to sing the praises of the oldest, largest and most recognizable HVAC brand in the world, founded by the inventor of modern mechanical air conditioning Willis Carrier.

We could spout statistics on Carrier’s market share, superior design, construction, comfort and performance.

We could post tons of consumer reports, comparing 100 different characteristics of 37 different makes and models of air conditioners with graphs and pie charts, features, measurements, efficiency and decibel ratings, effectively filling your head with such a jumble of information that you no longer remember what it was you were looking for to begin with!

If facts and figure are what you’re after, Google will happily direct you to 565,000 sites (at least) that will provide you that information in a variety of formats. Oddly, they won’t all have consistent data, but you’d no doubt find that Carrier stacks up well against the competition. What you won’t likely find much of during your technological excavation is relevant, authentic, real-world, first-hand knowledge of ALL of the potential options for heating and air conditioning units.

AC Cool, Inc a Dealer You Can Trust

Paul, the founder, owner, and CEO, here at AC Cool has been certified and working in the trenches (ok, mostly attics but they’re dusty and treacherous too!) of the HVAC industry since 1985. It’s fair to say that over the years, Paul has covered the full spectrum of equipment from mainstream to obscure, kitchen wine chillers to 20-ton commercial package units, ice machines to multi-family hydronic heaters and ACs and furnaces in every manner of dwelling from mobile homes to mansions.

If it heats or cools anything at all, Paul has seen it, touched it, installed it, removed it, relocated it, maintained it, and repaired it.

After years of having no brand affiliation and installing and servicing every product under the sun, followed by a few years as a Bryant dealer, AC Cool was offered the option to become a Carrier dealer. We immediately jumped at the opportunity!

What does it take to become a Factory Authorized Dealer?

The prestige of becoming a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer (CFAD) is not a simple accomplishment. The CFAD designation is applied to a strictly limited number of carefully selected contractors that are required to complete grueling and ongoing training sessions. We also maintain the highest standards of skill, business practices, and customer care. This is a responsibility that has always been in line with the way Paul and AC Cool conduct business.

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Why Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning Units?

The advantages of being affiliated with such a well-known and respected company are obvious as far as consumer recognition goes. Carrier dominates the USA and beyond. Carrier has also proven to be an industry leader since its inception in 1901 and they continue to pioneer new technology with crystal ball worthy foresight. They dedicate a great deal of their resources to research and development and consistently stay ahead of the curve, turning out cutting edge technology in every facet of the industry (examples below).

  • EARTH FRIENDLY – Carrier predicted the imminent phase-out of R-22 refrigerant due to its ozone-depleting effects and began developing the air conditioning application for the more eco-friendly refrigerant, Puron or R410A long before legislation began to dictate the terms (if your system doesn’t use it, you’ll eventually need a new one!). Learn more about the phase-out of R-22 here.
  • SAFETY FIRST – Carrier produces the only furnaces fitted with a vent safety switch so if your chimney/exhaust vent is ever blocked (not uncommon in local beach communities where metal caps are susceptible to rust and deterioration) it automatically turns off the furnace to prevent carbon monoxide leakage.
  • “INFINITY” POSSIBILITIES – Carrier’s Infinity series is unparalleled from a performance standpoint – quiet, energy efficient and aesthetically appealing too!
  • QUIET COMMUNICATION – Carrier innovation first allowed your Furnace and AC to communicate with each other to self-adjust based on indoor and outdoor climate conditions (humidity, temperatures, etc.) for optimal comfort and efficiency.
  • OPTIONS – Carrier offers the only options for “hybrid heat” (typically utilized in homes on propane) so you can have an electric heat pump and a gas furnace and the system will determine which is most efficient at any given time based on operating conditions.

Although being a jack-of-all-trades as far as multi-brand familiarity is required for success in the industry, Paul feels it makes us a better dealer to also be a master of one. One reliable brand with the broadest range of products available allows us to offer a higher level of service to our customers.

We Believe Carrier is the Best HVAV Brand on the Market

Here’s why:

  • Carrier has become a favorite of high volume tract home builders
  • AC Cool offers far longer than average labor warranties so it behooves us as well as our customers to install the most reliable products and equipment.
  • Carrier offers a factory-backed guarantee on installs and we know from experience that they stand behind their warranties and equipment.
  • Carrier offers superior customer service to their direct customers and dealers alike.
  • Carrier offers a HUGE range of heating and air conditioning products and state-of-the-art thermostats/controls as well as indoor air quality solutions, including air cleaners, filtration systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers for your home or business.

So now you know why we DID choose Carrier and have remained their greatest fans. Click here to learn more about HVAC brands we service.

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