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Orange, CA Residential Furnace Repair and Installation

Residential Installation of Heating Unit Orange CAWe received a call from a property manager in Orange, CA to complete an inspection of one of her HVAC systems that was leaking. The unit in question was a furnace that had been installed about a year and a half ago by another contractor. After having issues getting the previous contractor to come by and address the problematic furnace, AC Cool, Inc was recommended to our client. Once we arrived at the residence we were able to determine that the unit had not been installed properly and that a new furnace was needed. Contact us today for your furnace repair or installation today!

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Furnace Inspection and Installation Orange, CA

Circuit Board in Orange CA ResidenceAt the residence, a Gordman two and a half ton AC unit was located outside. The previous contractor had told the property manager that he believed the AC was responsible for her HVAC issues and not the furnace. Upon examination of the system, we found that the air conditioning had been installed for 8 years, while the furnace was recently installed.

After entering the residence we took a look and found that the circuit board had been removed as well as the condensate drain line cut, and the system doors were off. The circuit board had water damage in several areas that was causing a failure of the board. This leak appeared to be coming from the ac evaporator coil.

Furnace Installation Gone Wrong Responsible for Leak in Orange, CA Repair

Leaking Furnace in Orange CA HomeWhile inspecting the furnace it was clear that there was corrosion on the vent pipe and a transition from the existing furnace. The transition did not fit properly and the coil was not level. The system had not even been sealed properly. This installation done by a low budget contractor had been covered up by a bubble wrap insulation to cover the poor install.

There was even more corrosion found coming from the vent stack, which is possibly what damaged the circuit board. The existing furnace vent stack had been connected to a transite vent which went through the attic and to the outside. The problem with transite is that you can not install this type of venting with an 80% furnace or you will get an acidic condensation that causes the corrosion. It can corrode out the vent pipe, condenser motor and even the firebox inside the furnace.

Water Damage and Corrosion to Multiple Parts of the Existing Furnace

Faulty Furnace Installation Causes Leaks at Orange CA HomeAfter taking a look at the blower compartment we noticed rust on both sides of the fan motor. Water had been dripping onto the internal fan motor and had deteriorated its windings. Along with the fan motor, we found that the inducer in the system had been dripping fluid on the heat shield above the burners.

When looking into the furnace from above its transition metal we saw that there was a small hole between the transition and the evaporator coil. The previous installer had tried to support the evaporator coil with a piece of ¾ inch plumber strap. This did not hold properly and started to drip water down the back of the furnace evaporator coil.

Our Solution

We recommended to the property manager that we remove the existing furnace and coil and install a new unit due to the excessive amount of damage. The unit was going to need at least a circuit board, new fan motor, and an inducer motor for the vent. The best solution was to have a new furnace installed.

Carrier Heating and Cooling Unit Installation

New Furnace Installed by AC Cool in Orange, CAWe installed a new Carrier 58 STX Furnace, ADP upflow evaporator coil and a new vent stack.  The furnace has a filter base and on the gas line going up, we put the code required drip leg on. We sealed the base of the furnace with mastic. A secondary safety switch on the evaporator coil was installed in the event that the primary drain line going outside gets backed up then the safety will turn off the ac.

After the initial inspection and install of her new furnace, the property manager has worked with us on the installation of two more systems in the area.

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Furnace Repair and Installation With the Experts at AC Cool

Is your furnace leaking and in need of repair? With years of experience in the HVAC industry, we can find a solution for any heating and cooling system. Work with us on your project today for furnace repair and installation in Orange, CA.

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