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Residential Remodel for HVAC System in Irvine, CA

Outside of the HVAC System Remodel in Irvine, CA

Are you a construction company or homeowner looking to work with an HVAC specialist on your next remodeling project? For this remodel, we were contacted by McKay Construction to install the heating and air conditioning in this Turtle Rock community home in Irvine, CA. 

Heating and Cooling Install for Home Remodel

The residence where this project took place had been completely gutted and brought down to only the 2×4 walls. All the electrical, heating and air conditioning in the home needed to be completely redone. We were consulted to install the heating and cooling for the home.

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HVAC Remodel for Irvine CA Community Residence

Laying Out the Vent and Ducting Locations

Duct Locations for HVAC RemodelThe first step we took to install the new HVAC system in this residence was to look at the new layout and plan where the new ducting and vent locations would go. We then presented the locations to the homeowner so that they could go through and make any edits they would like. After making a few final adjustments and receiving approval from the homeowner, we drew up a duct layout map for our installers to follow while on the job. This map lays out the size of all the duct runs, and where the manual dampers will be located. This way we can come back after the final installation and adjust the air flow throughout the home.

Keep Your Home Comfortable With AC Cool, Inc

Air will flow out of the vents installed in the HVAC remodel in Irvine, CA.One thing we really strive for is to achieve consistent comfort throughout the home. When working on a remodel we try to lay out as many returns as possible to give great air flow, and keep the system quiet. After planning where all the ducting will go, we went into the home and installed our ceiling boxes that the air will be flowing out of. We paint the inside of each of these black to give them a cleaner appearance as opposed to the metal. The contractor will then go in and frame these to code with 2×4’s.

HVAC Remodel for Irvine Home – Part Two

Running the Ductwork for The System

Ducting tools used to install duct work for HVAC remodel project.

Tools used for the HVAC remodel in Irvine, CA.

After we install the ceiling boxes and set up the equipment, our next step in a remodel is to run all of the ductwork through the home. A few tools we used to install the ductwork are a Panduit strap to go around the ducting, a duct knife, and a pair of dikes to cut the metal in the ducting. We also used a Panduit strap gun, quarter inch screws, and Millard tape for taping the ductwork. The ducting is secured with a screw gun to the joists in the roof of the home.

Equipment Utilized in Irvine, CA Home HVAC Remodel

The system installed was a 5-ton unit. Its equipment consists of a return plenum, filter, the furnace, evaporator coil for the AC, supply plenum, and vent stack. We welded the refrigerant line into place and ran the thermostat wire out to the condensing unit for the system outside.

Reduce Heating System Noise with a Filtered Cabinet

Equipment Installed for HVAC Remodel in Irvine CA

The furnace in this Irvine HVAC remodel is located in the attic. We installed a filtered cabinet with the furnace to provide the greatest amount of filtration as well as reduce noise. This cabinet filters out the return air grills as they tend to get dirty. The homeowner did not want to have a noisy system so we agreed that a 4-inch pleated filter would be the best option to reduce any noise.

Placement of the AC Line

Placement of Refrigerant Line for HVAC InstallationWe ran the AC line down the agreed location where it comes down and out through the wall outside. We then installed a flashing outside of the wall to prevent any moisture from getting in. Once the home has it’s siding added we will come back and complete the final outside connections for the HVAC system.

Irvine, CA Community HVAC Remodel – Part 3

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