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HVAC System Disconnect Repair for Orange County, CA Home

Carrier HVAC UnitWhen there is a high of 105 degrees the last thing you want to have happen is for your AC system to shut down. At AC Cool, Inc we want to make sure your home stays consistently comfortable during every season. If you are in need of an HVAC repair or replacement don’t hesitate to contact us today with all of your heating and cooling questions.

Expert HVAC System Repair and Installation in Orange County

Disconnect RepairFor this Orange County disconnect project, we received a call from a homeowner in the area who’s AC unit was not working. They had their system turned on and set to cool but nothing was happening. To figure out what exactly was going on with the system we first removed the fuses and disconnected the unit. We opened the system to remove the disconnect. Once the disconnect was removed we could see that the electrical connections had shorted out on the left side. We had to replace the electrical disconnect before we could figure out the exact problem with the air conditioner.

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Was the electrical disconnect keeping the AC unit from cooling?

Disconnect for HVACSometimes you can lose a disconnect due to loose wiring or a bad connection. We could see that the fuse itself was burnt and there were signs of overheating on the left side. This unit had two 50 amp fuses inside. We removed the cover panel of the disconnect and went to the breaker to make sure the two pull 50 amp breaker that was marked air conditioner was off. Then we returned to the disconnect and tested for power at the line in. We had one of our probes at each connection. One connected to the line in and one to ground.

After finding no power we knew it was safe to remove the disconnect. We replaced it with a Diversitech DDS-60 disconnect. When doing this type of work you want to make sure that your source electrical coming in from the disconnect is properly wired to the line portion of the disconnect.

Reenergizing the HVAC System

After this, we reenergized the system at the main circuit breaker making sure it was latched on tight. We went to the nameplate of the AC and checked the amp draw rating of the compressor as well as the fan motor. These are ratings that are not to be exceeded. Then we put in two new 50 amp fuses. Although the nameplate for the unit says max fuse size 60 you are able to downsize that to 50 without any problems. The minimum is 37.5 for this system.

We reinstalled the fuses testing for 240 volts at the disconnect and made sure that the front panel was back on the disconnect. After this, we went to check the ac unit. We let the unit run for about 15 minutes and then tested the amp draw with our fluke meter to make sure that none of the readings were outside of the nameplate rating. The common wire is where you take the reading on the compressor. It was running at 19.8 which is within the margin. Then we tested the outdoor fan motor which was 1.9. This was a little higher than what it was rated but it is normal for this to happen.

Checking the Refrigerant Levels

Checking HVAC System LevelsThe last item we tested was the refrigerant levels. We connected our high and low-pressure gages on the refrigerant lines to test them. We wanted to make sure the system was operating at the proper sub cool which was 10.1 and that the liquid and suction pressures were within operating values. After testing this we could tell that the system was operating properly. We made sure the clamp for the subcool test was properly installed on the liquid line and everything checked out properly. After we put the system back together the homeowner was happy to have their ac working on such a hot day.

Is your HVAC system out of date or no longer working properly?

At AC Cool we repair, install and maintain the health of your HVAC system with our custom maintenance plans. If you are looking for a new heating and cooling system for your Orange County home you can peruse our product lines HERE. Call us at (800) 940-7821 today to get started on your project.

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