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Anaheim Hills, CA HVAC | Installation, Repair, & Service of your AC & Furnace

AC Cool technician tests furnace system after the installation in Orange County, California.

We all know the feeling! The big weekend is coming up, the birthday party for your 7-year old grandson is planned, with ten other guests—parents and nieces and nephews coming over for pin-the-tale on the donkey, presents, and cake and ice cream, with hopefully the minimal spills on the carpet.

But—the Air Conditioning isn’t working!

When you live in Orange County, California, and it’s July, this is about as big of an emergency as you can imagine.

No worry. You pick up the phone and call Paul or Kate and the team over at AC Cool. These HVAC contractors and technicians have been nationally trained by Carrier, as their Factory Authorized Dealer here in Anaheim Hills, CA. No matter what the emergency, problem, replacement, installation, or fix—your air conditioning or furnace is in good hands.

No 7-year old is going without birthday cake this year!

Do You Know an Orange County HVAC Contractor That You Can Get on the Phone? We Do!

Don’t you hate it when you call a contractor, and you can’t get someone on the phone? This can be SO FRUSTRATING!

Our HVAC service team at AC Cool, Inc. is committed to giving you first class service here in Orange County, meaning that if you call us, we will respond in a timely way.

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HVAC Service Contractors that Know Your Brand

We service all makes and models of heating and air conditioning systems.

  • Carrier
  • Bryant
  • Lennox
  • American Standard
  • Trane
  • Heil
  • Tempstar
  • Payne
  • Day N Night
  • Armstrong
  • Rheem
  • RUUD

So regardless of your HVAC problem, you know that you can call an AC Cool technician and we’ll be able to get the job done.

Do You Have Hot and Cold Spots in Your Orange County Home?

In this air conditioning repair project in Orange County we installed new air ducting.

Your AC or furnace may be working harder than it needs to? Your home’s HVAC system may never be leveling out properly. Regular air duct inspections and repairs are an important part of what we do at AC Cool.

Adjustments of your ducts and registers may save you money on your energy bills, and make your home so much more comfortable!

Residential Air Conditioning for Emergencies, Efficiency, and Comfort

We service both commercial and residential HVAC projects. We do get a lot of requests from homeowners in Anaheim Hills to fix or replace their air conditioners. So, you can be sure we understand your specific needs here in Orange County.

Call 24-Hour AC Repair Technician in Anaheim Hills, CA

Like the example of the grandson’s birthday party, air conditioning repair often comes at inconvenient times. Emergency 24/7 AC repair is our specialty! So, stop worrying about whether your house will be cool and comfortable. Go back to worrying about all those kids running around your house and whether your carpet is going to stay clean. We got you covered!

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Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Is your air conditioning unit getting the regular maintenance that it needs? We see far too often that Orange County homeowners spend thousands of dollars on expensive AC cooling systems while investing little or nothing in their service.

Are you the sort of person that only calls maintenance when something goes wrong? We’ll admit, most of us are like this. But, isn’t it worth spending a little bit of money to protect your investment? Isn’t it worth preventing problems before they happen? You end up saving thousands of dollars in the long run.

Make sure that you’re maintaining your air conditioning unit’s full lifespan. Ensure that your AC is operating at peak efficiency, keeping your energy bills consistently low. It’s the smart thing to do.

Replacement & Installation of Air Conditioning

So often we see residential properties here in Anaheim Hills or other OC towns that have old air conditioning units that are running with extremely inefficient air flow and coolant issues. Often, it’s cost prohibitive to continue using your old AC system.

It can be very smart to consider replacement of your old air conditioning unit and installing a brand-new Carrier unit. When you use AC Cool to conduct installation, you know that you’re getting the best cooling products, with installers trained specifically in how to install those specific systems by the manufacturer.

Residential Furnaces for those OC Winter Weeks When You REALLY do Need it.

The inside of a Carrier furnace that we regularly performance installation here in Anaheim Hills, CA.

Although we do not see the cold whether those other big cities may face, when it does get cold, an old neglected furnace may decide to die on you. It’s in those instances that you want to count on your heating system to deliver the comfort you expect from it.

Furnaces are also a specialty of AC Cool. We install and repair a lot of them here in Orange County, especially in Anaheim Hills.

Contact 24-Hour Furnace Repair Contractor in Anaheim Hills, CA

Make sure that you have AC Cool on speed dial. We’ll make sure that when those rare heating emergencies happen, we get out to your home right away. If it’s wise to repair your furnace, we’ll make sure we do so right away. We’ll fix it correctly, as well as conduct any additional testing or service and maintenance on the unit to prevent problems in the future. We want to reduce the risk of emergency furnace repair in the future; an extra value added when you work with the pros at AC Cool.

Anaheim Hills, California Heating Service & Maintenance

Every furnace/heating system needs regular maintenance, which is why we always recommend setting up a service plan. Taking care of your new system will give that unit longevity, extending its life and adding increased value to your investment. Call us today to set up a scheduled maintenance plan that fits your heating system’s needs.

Is your heating unit always not working? You may not need to replace it. It may just need regular maintenance. Call to find out.

Replacement & Installation of Furnace System

Every furnace sees it’s days come to an end. It may be time to consider installation of a new high-efficiency furnace. With this one home upgrade, you can dramatically improve the cost of heating your home.

Although a furnace upgrade may not be high on your home remodel to-do list, we assure you that you won’t regret the decision when you make it. Be comfortable in your own home, and save money on your energy bills every winter while doing it. It’s a win/win.

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Call an Orange County HVAC Service Contractor NOW!

Receive an estimate for your project. Repair your AC or furnace. Finally, install a new air conditioning unit or heating system.

Don’t procrastinate. We’ll be there today to make your Anaheim Hills, California home a more comfortable, healthy, and beautiful experience.

Suffer from allergies or asthma?

Wouldn’t you like to keep your family safe from air pollution in your home?

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