AC Cool’s Customers Are On TOP

AC Cool’s Customers Are On TOP! (North Pole Expedition)

Yes, literally at the top of the world on a North Pole expedition!

We are, of course, so appreciative when our customers trust us with their family’s heating/air conditioning home comfort needs, but we especially love it when they share the personal side of their lives as well! On that note, we just had to share this SUPER COOL story with our friends and fans.

We think it’s freezing when the mercury drops below 75*, but one of AC Cool’s awesome Carrier Infinity customers from Yorba Linda, CA just returned from a cross country skiing expedition to the actual North Pole! The small party of extreme adventure seekers set out on a 75 mile journey with only the gear and supplies they could pull behind them on their pulks (gear sleds)! Braving wind, snow and temperatures as low as -25* farenheit (thankfully no polar bear encounters), the team managed to traverse the breathtakingly beautiful frozen wilderness in a record 5 days! Given the often unforgiving weather and treacherous terrain, that distance typically takes 10-12 days! What an unbelievable experience that must have been! We know, now that you’ve paid him a personal visit, your names will definitely be at the top of Santa’s “Nice” list. We hope you put in a good word for us too!

A HUGE congratulations to Mike and the rest of his frosty crew on a truly epic accomplishment! If you haven’t already been following their progress on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, you can get the complete scoop on this amazing north pole expedition. Click the following link for pictures, details and audio messages from the courageous crew as the made there way up, up, UP!

Polar Explorers 2016 Blog

From the bottom of our hearts to the top of the world we send our sincere thanks for the once in a lifetime Polar shout out to AC Cool! (see photo) We think you’re TOPS!

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